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Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Spazio IT can offer remote assistance to people having problems with their PCs, or computers generally speaking.

In case of malfunctions, performances degradation, malware (virus, spyware, and so on…) attacks or any other problem feel free to contact Spazio IT via the web site or by sending an email to, describe your problem and provide your contact information.

Spazio IT will come back to you and give you instructions on how to establish the remote connection. Spazio IT will then analyse your system and fix your problem(s).

Spazio IT offers assistance on all versions of Windows (workstation and server) and on all distros of Linux.

To establish the connection Spazio IT uses and recommends Teamviewer, a very safe and not invasive system. In some cases with Windows the Remote Desktop Access might be required; in the same way in some cases with Linux SSH might be required.


Prices, which are anyhow very low, depend on the type of intervention. Spazio IT will analyse your system and estimate the price before the actual intervention. The price will not change in case the intervention requires more work than it was expected.

When the work to be performed is not so simple,  and it is not about problems with Windows or Linux, you should consider Spazio IT offer in terms of Support Services.



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