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Support Services

Support and Maintenance Services

Types of Services

Spazio IT offers both dedicated and standard support services.

Dedicated support services are related to IT solutions delivered by Spazio IT and have their own prices and conditions.

Standard support services are recommended for:

  • the maintenance of systems (still) not covered by a specific maintenance contract;
  • the execution of any type of technical support activity in these areas of expertise;


  • the overall effort, the overall amount is relatively small (not more than 10/12 working days).

Customers always get to know the cost of the service beforehand, that is before the service is actually delivered.


Standard Support Services

Offered Service

  • Reception of customer calls (or tickets): this is either accomplished by sending an email to Spazio IT support mailbox ( or by compiling a specific form on the Spazio IT support website ( There are 3 types of tickets:
    • T1 – tickets related to bugs / problems in the software developed by Spazio IT
    • T2 – tickets related to bugs / problems in systems installed and/or maintained  by Spazio IT
    • T3 – other consultancy requests, e.g. consultancies at application level, small development activities, bugs / problems in software different from what specified in the first two points.
  • If the ticket gets accepted the customer receives an estimate of the effort required to solve the issue (with a granularity of 15 minutes) and an indication about when the ticket is going to be closed. In particular:
    • T1 – The ticket gets accepted and answered at no cost in very short time
    • T2  – The ticket gets accepted and aswered in a short time
    • T3 – The ticket gets accepted and the timing is agreed with the customer, unless the request proves to be technically unfeasible.
  • For T2 and T3, if the customer accepts the estimate, Spazio IT proceeds with the execution of the activity.
  • The service cost depends on how requests are issued:
    • sporadic requests – sent every now and then, without belonging to a particular package consisting in a predefined amount of hours – they are answered at a given hourly fee.
    • requests belonging to a package with a predefined amount of ours – e.g. 5 or 12 working days – their hourly fee is obviously less expensive than the one used for the sporadic requests.
  • The minimum time to answer a ticket is half an hour (30 minutes).
  • The minimum granularity when estimating the effort is a quarter of an hour (15 minutes).
  • The service cost is 50% higher when the related activity is performed out of the normal working hours (9-18).


Telephone calls

Tickets cannot be issued by phone call.



The service described in this document includes the following SLA (Service Level Agreement) about the timing for the tickets to be answered.

  • T1 – Spazio IT answers the ticket within 1 md (working day) from notification
  • T2 – Spazio IT answers the ticket within 3 md (working days) from notification
  • T3 – Spazio IT when estimating the effort required to answer the call will also produce a non-binding indication of the expected completion time.


When the support / maintenance activity requires Spazio IT to work on customer owned systems, the customer must guarantee the access to these systems.
Spazio IT preferred remote assistance solution is TeamViewer.
Alternatively remote assistance can also be delivered via SSH in case of Linux/Unix or via Remote Desktop/Terminal in case of Windows.

Pricing and further details

For pricing and further details please send an enquiry to