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Professional Experience

Maurizio Martignano

Information Technology Consultant
Innovation, vision and dedication distinguish a career featuring extensive hands-on experience combining subject matter expertise in software verification and validation, code inspection/quality, real-time systems and web/mobile application development with project management prowess honed during seven years in the role of Principal / Independent Consultant for the highly successful company Spazio IT. Agile critical thinker and analyst, creative problem solver and insightful strategic planner with unique ability to transform visionary concepts into fully realized and robust solutions to deliver optimal service value. Ease in managing multiple complex projects with consistent on-time delivery despite demands of fast-paced and deadline-driven work environments. Proven leader and mentor, with strong communication, interpersonal, presentation and collaborative skills with diverse stakeholders at all levels. Results-oriented and focused decision-maker, adept at managing priorities and committed to customer service excellence. Fluent in Italian, English and French.

Software Engineering • Life Cycle Software Development • Software Verification & Validation • Systems Architecture • Web / Mobile Applications • Embedded / Real-Time Systems • Software Quality • Code Inspection & Issue Resolution • Open Source Technology • Space/Aviation Applications • Program & Project Management • Client/Stakeholder Relationship Management • Communication • Demonstrations & Presentations • Team Leadership & Mentoring • Staff / Client Teaching & Coaching

Hardware Platforms: PC, MAC, ARM, MIPS, SPARC, ERC32, LEON (2/3)
Operating Systems: Windows (All Versions), Linux (Unix) OS-X, Android, eCOS, RTEMS, vxWorks
Office Suites: Microsoft Office, Open Office, Libre Office
Software/Web Development: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Oracle JDeveloper
Programming Languages: Ada, C/C++, Java (J2SE and J2EE) Javascript, PHP, Python, TCL
Web: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, XML, Oracle ADF
ETL/Data Integration: Pentaho, Talend

Professional Experience

Spazio IT, San Giorgio di Mantova (Mantova), Italy · 2007 to Present
Specialist in development and project management of innovative software solutions for space applications, real-time systems and web-based programs, also offering related teaching and coaching services.

Principal / Independent Consultant

Selected Projects (comprehensive list available upon request)

  • AIRBUS Defense and Space, Toulouse France · 2017
    Multinational company producing Defence and Space Systems.
    JUICE Payloads Software Independent Verification and Validation Project Leader
    Managing an international team working on the Independent Verfication and Validation of the JUICE mission Payloads Software. Leading and coordinating people without prior experience (in terms of ISVV for spacecraft system) and making them highly productive in performing their activities.

    • Imported some of the “Web” tools and methodologies (e.g. SonarQube) into the traditional context of space software ISVV
    • Promoted the use of nowadays static analyzers (e.g. Clang Static Analyzer and Facebook Infer) to speed up and make more efficient the analysis of large C codebases.
  • NEGRI BOSSI, Cologno Monzese, Italy · 2013 to present
    Multinational group producing injection molding machines, with +/- 300 employees.
    Application Architect
    Design, development, implementation and maintenance of a robust, full-featured Enterprise Asset Management system, based on Oracle ADF, for tracking the machines manufactured by the company.

    • Delivered significant savings in software licensing fees by deploying the Oracle ADF based web applications on non-Oracle database systems, such as the open source PostgreSQL.
  • Xchanging (Italian Branch), Milan & Mantova, Italy · 2014 to present
    Multinational group delivering insurance and finance services, with +/- 200 employees (in the Italian Branch).
    Business Analyst / Solution Architect
    Design, development, implementation and maintenance of innovative solutions for projects and capacity management.

    • Produced efficient and performant software solutions able to interoperate with and enrich the functionalities of both open source (e.g. ]project-open[) and proprietary (e.g. SAP) project management platforms.
  • AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, Donauwörth/Munich Germany · 2016
    Multinational company producing helicopters for civilian and military markets.
    CH-53GA Simulation Software Update Project Manager
    Managing an international team working on the update of the Simulation/Testing Software used in the CH-53GA Helicopter Simulation RIG. The original CG-53GA Simulation/Testing software was a “simulation only” system; thanks to this update the system now supports also the insertion and use of HIL (Hardware-In the-Loop) devices.

    • Coached and helped relatively unexperienced people (in terms of real-time and critical systems) making them highly productive in the project application domain.
    • Imported some of the “Agile” techniques and methodologies into the traditional context of rea-time and critical systems (cyclic-distributed systems).
    • Introduced as much as possible the use of automatic tools to update the code in order to reduce the odds of making mistakes and not to impose boring tasks on the people.
  • AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, Donauwörth/Munich Germany · 2012 to 2015
    Multinational company producing helicopters for civilian and military markets.
    Code Quality Platforms Expert
    Perform full life cycle management of the development, implementation and updating of a quality platform to facilitate the maintenance of the company’s numerous and highly complex flight software systems, which were often created by different developers, resulting in difficulty for maintainers in navigating and troubleshooting the code. This platform expedites current maintainers’ understanding of the code base/structure and pinpointing of issues to be resolved. For example, when a particular piece of code is fixed, the code quality system automatically searches for and reports similar code (within systems files often totalling hundreds of thousands) which may also require the same repair.

    • Pioneered the company’s the cultural switch from document centered software maintenance to a code focus, enabling huge strides in timeliness and effectiveness through reporting of specific problems to be resolved at the code level, rather than in a list contained in a formal document.
    • Spearheaded the successful introduction of open source based non-flight software, reducing development costs by ~35% in this area.
    • This work has been presented on the 25th of June, 2015 at the 20th International Conference on Reliable Software.
  • EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY, Noordwijk, The Netherlands · 2013 to 2015
    Institution which coordinates development, launch and operation of European spacecraft.
    IXV Flight Software Verification & Validation Consultant
    Contracted by the agency to conduct in-depth quality check and improvement of the software controlling the IXV Spaceplane to ensure flight readiness prior to its (ultimately successful) launch. During the course of review, uncovered and resolved issues in a number of areas, including uninitialized variables, out of bounds arrays indexes, constants in Boolean expressions, signed and unsigned conversions, implicit type conversions, pointers and memory access, etc.

    • Devised and developed an innovative, highly effective methodology to apply model checking and abstract interpretation techniques to large C/C++ code bases, such as those used for the IXV Spaceplane, and allowing use of tools such as CBMC and Frama-C, a possibility previously considered unfeasible due to the huge amount of computational resources required.
    • Presented the above work at the TECH-ED & TECH-SW Final Presentation Days, in December, 2014.
  • ELCOGRAF (formerly Mondadori Printing), Verona, Italy · 2011 to 2012
    Full service printing company, with +/-1,200 employees.
    Consultant, Project Manager & Software Architect
    Led a team of 10 cross-functional staff as Project Manager for the migration of the company’s scheduling application from outdated client-server architecture using VB6 and Oracle to a leading edge web based architecture based on Oracle ADF Faces and Weblogic middleware, which accesses data from both Oracle and PostgreSQL open source databases.

    • Overcame entrenched resistance to new technology from both management and staff to achieve deep client satisfaction with the system and its new/enhanced features, appearance and user interface.

Additional Employment Experience (details upon request):
Principal Engineer, SERCO FM B.V, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
Corporate Technical Coordinator, SITEK S.P.A., Verona, Italy.
Senior Software Engineer; Software Engineer: EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Education/ Certification/ Professional Affilations

  • Electronic Engineering Degree, Specialization in Computer Science
    Milan Polytechnic, Milan, Italy
  • SAP Data Integration Training
  • BOOTSTRAP Quality Assessor for the European Space Agency
  • Jive Software Certified Developer
  • Member, Association for Computing Machinery

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