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Maurizio Martignano

My name is Maurizio Martignano.

As a visionary, dynamic and highly knowledgeable consultant, software developer and principle of the highly successful company Spazio IT, my exceptional talents in strategic analysis and planning, creative problem solving, technical innovation, leadership and project management have served our clients well and I am confident that I can deliver similar results for you and your firm.

My subject matter expertise extends to software verification and validation, code inspection/quality, real-time systems and web/mobile application development. I have a proven record of project success and customer satisfaction for clients ranging from the European Space Agency and Airbus Helicopters to Italian printing and manufacturing companies. In addition, I am highly published, have presented my work at international conferences and have been a professor/teacher of computer science at two Italian universities, as well as at the European Space Agency.

My most important and recent achievements include:

  • Performing full life cycle management of the development, implementation and updating of a phased quality platform to facilitate maintenance of Airbus Helicopters’ numerous and highly complex flight software systems. Spearheading the successful introduction of open source based non-flight software at Airbus Helicopters, reducing development costs by ~35% in this area.
  • As Consultant for the European Space Agency IXV Spaceplane project, devising and developing an innovative, highly effective methodology to apply model checking and abstract interpretation techniques to large C/C++ code bases, such as those used for the IXV, and allowing use of tools such as CBMC and Frama-C, a possibility previously considered unfeasible due to the huge amount of computational resources required.
  • Designing and developing a robust, full-featured web Enterprise Asset Management system for tracking of the injection molding machines manufactured by the Negri Bossi Company, based on Oracle ADF technology, and delivering significant savings in software licensing fees by deploying the application on non-Oracle database systems such as the open source PostgreSQL database management system.

Please refer to my resume for an overview of my qualifications and key projects. Feel free to contact me at your convenience to schedule a call to discuss the many ways in which I might benefit your enterprise.